Binding Authorities and Programmes

Tysers reputation in the market for assisting with Group Business Programmes, Association Master Policies, Risk Purchasing Groups and Risk Retention Groups is second to none.

Tysers provide solutions from Lloyd’s and other markets for agents and clients who have a high volume of business and may also be seeking delegated underwriting authority, regardless of the class.

Depending on the volume and performance of the business, we can provide a preferred level of rating for groups as well as coverage enhancements that might not typically be readily available in the market.

In addition, Tysers have specialist units that exclusively deal with Binding Authority and Programme business. These units are backed by a dedicated administration team who support all the processing needs of these schemes.

 Why Choose Tysers?

1. Worldwide Market Access - Tysers have excellent relationships with the London and Global markets and, as an independent broker, are free to use the services of the best local providers, helping to ensure Tysers remain at the forefront of market development 4. Strong Trading Relationships – Tysers believe in openness, clarity and excellent service in all aspects of work life, which has enabled the development of successful collaborations with first class retail brokers in strategic locations worldwide.
2. Client Service – Client satisfaction is paramount to Tysers, and increasing business retention rates are testament to this. From negotiating cover to claims management, Tysers servicing teams develop close working relationships with the Client, providing the highest quality of service and expert advice on all aspects of insurance and risk management no matter what the size or need. 5. Competitive Premiums – Through Tysers detailed information gathering and risk assessments the most cost effective solutions are able to be designed and negotiated. In addition, Tysers strong relationships with insurers and the large volume of business they handle allow the very best terms to be agreed for Clients.
3. Highly Experienced – Tysers has a unique blend of experience available to Clients. Each team is knowledgeable, experienced, committed and viewed as thought leaders in their fields. 6. Independence – As an independent, London based broker, without a network of international broking offices, Tysers have no regional conflicts and are free to operate in a manner that allows focus to remain entirely on the Clients’ needs.


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