Risk Management

Tysers appreciates that in today's dynamic business environment senior managers need to develop effective risk management strategies that identify and manage exposures, meet increasing legislative requirements and also protect the long term survival of the business. Tysers provides a detailed analysis of risk exposures, together with continuous advice on risk control and reduction.

Risk Management insurance cover forms a large part of the portfolio of cover that Tysers provides to it's Clients. This depth and variety of experience ensures that Tysers consultants are very knowledgeable in this are and will always provide the best advice on cover required.

 Why Choose Tysers?

1. Independence – As an independent, London based broker, without a network of international broking offices, Tysers have no regional conflicts and are free to operate in a manner that allows focus to remain entirely on the Clients’ needs. 4. Rapid response – Tysers understand the importance of having the right team, expertise and relationships to address the requirements of both the largest and smallest operators with equal attention quickly but without compromising on quality.
2. Specialists – Tysers have teams of knowledgeable, experienced and committed professionals who seamlessly deliver competitive premiums and comprehensive coverage. Tysers apply a high level of technical expertise which results in the design of bespoke and innovative solutions for the Clients’ risks and exposures. 5. Traditional and innovative – Tysers apply a high level of technical expertise to designing innovative solutions to clients’ risks and exposures, whilst still staying committed to the core business principles. Tysers design comprehensive proportional and non-proportional treaty programmes, with optimal results
3. Client Service – Client satisfaction is paramount to Tysers, and increasing business retention rates are testament to this. From negotiating cover to claims management, Tysers servicing teams develop close working relationships with the Client, providing the highest quality of service and expert advice on all aspects of insurance and risk management no matter what the size or need. 6. Worldwide Market Access – Tysers have excellent relationships with the London and Global markets and, as an independent broker, are free to use the services of the best local providers, helping to ensure Tysers remain at the forefront of market development


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