North American and Intl Specialty Insurance Solutions

"As one of the few truly independent brokers, we value our reputation for integrity and our superior level of service."

Tysers' North American International Specialty division provides coverage for all business from the US, Canada and the Caribbean. This division has used its considerable global expertise and experience to assist in developing the Property & Casualty offering.

The Tysers team handles a wide and diverse range of insurance and reinsurance products on an open market basis and works in association with the Binding Authorities and Programmes team, who also provide cover for agents/clients who have a high volume of business and may also be seeking delegated underwriting authority, whatever the class.

1. Rapid response – Tysers understand the importance of having the right team, expertise and relationships to address the requirements of both the largest and smallest operators with equal attention quickly but without compromising on quality. 4. Specialists – Tysers have teams of knowledgeable, experienced and committed professionals who seamlessly deliver competitive premiums and comprehensive coverage. Tysers apply a high level of technical expertise which results in the design of bespoke and innovative solutions for the Clients’ risks and exposures.
2. Highly Experienced – Tysers has a unique blend of experience available to Clients’. Each team is knowledgeable, experienced, committed and viewed as thought leaders in their fields. 5. Worldwide Market Access – Tysers have excellent relationships with the London and Global markets and, as an independent broker, are free to use the services of the best local providers, helping to ensure Tysers remain at the forefront of market development.
3. Competitive Premiums – Through Tysers detailed information gathering and risk assessments the most cost effective solutions are able to be designed and negotiated. In addition, Tysers strong relationships with insurers and the large volume of business they handle allow the very best terms to be agreed for Clients. 6. Client Service – Client satisfaction is paramount to Tysers, and increasing business retention rates are testament to this. From negotiating cover to claims management, Tysers servicing teams develop close working relationships with the Client, providing the highest quality of service and expert advice on all aspects of insurance and risk management no matter what the size or need.