Treaty Reinsurance Insurance Solutions

“Without the need to respond to outside shareholders demands, our sole focus is on you and how we can deliver what you need.”

Tysers offers a wide range of services which can be made bespoke for all Marine and Non-Marine reinsurance requirements.

As this market incorporates a very specialist skill set the Treaty Reinsurance division works closely with the International Property & Casualty division which maximises all of Tysers knowledge and expertise to negotiate the very best terms for clients.

Customer delivery is Tysers main focus – being able to deliver industry-specific tailor-made programmes to clients is Tysers primary goal.

1. Proactive Claims Service – Tysers integrated claims team is involved in all accounts from inception. The broking and claims teams work in harmony to deliver a complete service and maintain a clear and regular dialogue with every Client, regardless of the level of specific claims activity. 4. Rapid response – Tysers understand the importance of having the right team, expertise and relationships to address the requirements of both the largest and smallest operators with equal attention quickly but without compromising on quality.
2. Competitive Premiums – Through Tysers detailed information gathering and risk assessments the most cost effective solutions are able to be designed and negotiated. In addition, Tysers strong relationships with insurers and the large volume of business they handle allow the very best terms to be agreed for Clients. 5. Traditional and innovative – Tysers apply a high level of technical expertise to designing innovative solutions to clients’ risks and exposures, whilst still staying committed to the core business principles. Tysers design comprehensive proportional and non-proportional treaty programmes, with optimal results.
3. Independence – As an independent, London based broker, without a network of international broking offices, Tysers have no regional conflicts and are free to operate in a manner that allows focus to remain entirely on the Clients’ needs. 6. Worldwide Market Access – Tysers have excellent relationships with the London and Global markets and, as an independent broker, are free to use the services of the best local providers, helping to ensure Tysers remain at the forefront of market development.