HENRIETTA BUTCHER, the firm’s first female director in its 196-year history, first worked at Tysers in 1981. She re-joined the firm in 1991 and, after gaining broad experience in various classes such as Marine, Aviation, LMX and Property, now focuses principally on the North American account, specialising in Property and Auto Physical Damage business.

Why insurance?

“My father spent his whole career in insurance, travelling extensively around the world. Clients often stayed with us from as far afield as Australia and Argentina, so I was familiar with the business from an early age and it always interested me as a career. I realised I wanted to work in the City, as it had always fascinated me and I had a good understanding of the insurance industry. I was fortunate to have contacts in the business through my family because insurance was not promoted as a career option at school.

How have things changed?

“Since entering the insurance world in 1981, the major changes have been improved access to information and management of data. When I started, we sent telexes, then faxes and finally emails. We now have a far more professional and better regulated marketplace but despite all that’s changed, personal relationships remain vitally important.

Today’s insurance market

“The marketplace has an abundance of capacity and continues to seek growth in many areas. I believe we are at the bottom of a soft market cycle and whilst I don’t think we will go back to a hard market or soft market over all classes, as is the case historically, there are always “pockets” where rates and terms do increase… generally following an event or adverse loss development in a class. We need to identify and make the most of these areas as conditions allow.

Tysers’ US Property business

“Our US Property business falls into two major areas, facultative reinsurance (Fac) and programmes. We specialise in programme business and are working in the most favourable conditions for many years. We have one of the largest, most professional teams in London with committed compliance, administration and claims supporting us and are well placed to build on existing relationships and develop new programme initiatives.

US Favourites

“My favourite US city is Chicago, a typical mid-western city where the people are fantastic, the food and the hotels are excellent and there are true extremes of climate. My best ever meal in the US was at The French Laundry in Napa – certainly somewhere I want to revisit.

Looking ahead

“Being in a relationship business is very important to me and it is vital to trust the people you are working with on a daily basis. I fundamentally believe that if you are honest and trustworthy, with strong working relationships, it will stand you in good stead through tough times as well as good ones. As an industry, we have to understand that change is necessary and as a business we need to continue evolving.

And personally…

I would like to breed and train race horses. My ultimate dream is to breed a horse and see it win at Cheltenham. There is still time!