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If your work takes you to hostile territories we have you covered

We know the additional risks to both business and personnel that comes with operating in Emerging Markets or High Risk Territories.

We have provided bespoke coverage to those working in hostile environments since 2003.

Our specialist teams are known for our ability to develop, place and service the most innovative programmes in the high risk and security sector, in the most demanding of circumstances. We understand the risks to both business and personnel that comes with operating in hostile regions – we work to ensure that losses due to war, political unrest, criminality and intervention by hostile regimes are included in your insurance.

Who We Cover:


Ensuring those that keep others safe are protected themselves, we offer insurance for all aspects of a Security Consultant’s business. Whether operating on land or sea, in Somalia or Surrey, we have the experience and expertise to provide the insurance programme your business needs.


For NGOs and Charities, working to make a difference can sometimes mean staff are at risk. For the trustees, having the confidence to run a charity without threat to assets or livelihoods allows this valuable work to continue. With us as your partner, you can ensure both these risks are mitigated in the best and most cost effective way.


With international development at the forefront of the global effort to alleviate poverty and prevent corruption in emerging economies, there are both legal and physical perils faced by organisations and the individuals contracting to them. We can advise on how best to indemnify against any legal action you could potentially face from employees or third parties, whilst ensuring you are meeting your duty of care obligations to employees and consultants.


We understand the complex nature of operating in emerging markets and the wide-ranging insurance solutions we offer reflect this. In addition to comprehensively insuring your business and assets, we ensure your people are covered too. Whether you are exploring opportunities in a new market or ensuring established operations have adequate coverage, we can help.


The nature of anti-poaching work requires the ability to operate some of the world’s most remote and dangerous areas. As the battle for some of the world’s most endangered species has become more militarised, we’re proud to provide support to those on the front line of the fight against illegal poaching and wildlife degradation.


Contractors working the oilfields of post conflict territories in the Middle East or emerging economies in Africa need to consider much more than their legal liability when sending personnel to these regions. In addition to Liability policies tailored to your contractual obligations, we offer enhanced policies that ensure you meet your duty of care to employees.


Reporting from the world’s most volatile locations, and having to get there with little warning requires flexible cover and a broker that is responsive as you are. Our team are well versed in the risks associated with Conflict Journalism and provide coverage in the most demanding of circumstances.


We provide insurance to those working to rid post-conflict areas of the unexploded weaponry that can be so devastating to communities. In addition to comprehensively insuring your business and assets, we ensure your people are covered too. Through our policies, we can assist in the coordination of the complex medical operation required when an accident occurs during demining or UXO activities.

If you would like to learn more about our services in this area please download a digital copy of our Entertainment and Sport brochure. Our brochure provides an overview of the type of clients we serve and the specialist products and schemes we provide.

Our policies

  • Personal Accident
  • Emergency Medical Expenses, including Evacuation
  • Emergency Repatriation and Relocation
  • Defence Base Act
  • Crisis Management / Kidnap and Ransom
  • Combined Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Management Liability / Directors and Officers
  • Cyber
  • Terrorism
  • Marine Cargo

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“As organisers of one of the world’s largest mass participation events we need an insurance broker who understands us and our events and is able to offer knowledgeable and cost-effective solutions to meet the challenges that we face. We are delighted to have worked with the team at Integro for over 18 years during which time they have consistently delivered a first class service.”

Nick Bitel, Chief Executive at London Marathon Events Ltd

“Our member companies produce all the commercials you see on TV and the internet. They assume most of the risks of a production and insurance is a critical part of their management of that risk. Tysers, as Stonehouse Integro are now known, have worked with us for many years in helping us and our members with their specialist insurance expertise. It has been invaluable and their loyalty and support for their clients in times of crisis has been as valuable as their expertise.”

Steve Davies – APA

“We have had the pleasure of working with Tysers – formerly Integro, over a number of years and have found them efficient and reliable and are happy to recommend their services.”

Bushbranch – Eric Clapton’s Management