This area focuses on providing a full London Broking service for the many Agents we partner throughout the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

We have no localized presence in these regions, so strongly value our partnership with selected Brokers, Managing Agents and Underwriters. We handle a broad range of classes (as detailed below), by way of the creation of Binding Authorities and/or Group Programmes, and for risks on an individual basis.

We have been members of NAPSLO, AAMGA for many years and have been a Gold Sponsor for Target Markets since 2010.

Due to the flexibility of the London Market and some of our European Partners, we have also been able to replicate many of our North American products and facilities for clients on a Worldwide basis, that are not otherwise handled through our International Division.

All of our teams, including both our back up administration and claims handling staff, are contained here at our headquarters in London, thus providing you with a consolidated and effective processing service throughout.

We would welcome any enquiries you may have.