We offer an innovative approach to meeting clients’ needs, utilising multiple solutions, from treaty and facultative reinsurance to binding authorities and other insurance placements, to meet the objectives of our clients.

We have significant experience and access to markets around the world to deliver solutions on complex risks. Our team excels with a combination of experience across all market sectors and younger brokers, who bring new skill sets to bear.

We are comfortable working with clients who have been rejected or underserved because of an unusual business make up, or a new problem that needs to be solved.

Specialty Reinsurance

  • Reinsurance (Treaty and Facultative), Primary, Binding Authorities, Consortiums, Line Slips
  • Property (Direct and Facultative Treaty)
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Medical Malpractice/Liability
  • Umbrella
  • General Liability
  • Auto Liability (Trucking)
  • Crime and Cyber Liability
  • Breach Response Liability
  • Professional Liability – Lawyers, Directors’ & Officers’, Errors & Omissions, Media, Tech, Architects & Engineers
  • Title
  • Warranty & Indemnity
  • Surety
  • Sexual Misconduct Liability
  • Terrorism Reinsurance (Political Violence, War & Terror)

Facultative Reinsurance

  • Traditional facultative reinsurance on a specific risk, location or coverage
  • Full take outs of sections on package business
  • Specific bundled reinsurances on risks or territories, including run-off
  • Formal facility arrangements with pre-agreed parameters