During the past two years, Tysers has partnered with London’s Air Ambulance, combining fundraising with some great events – ranging from those for the extremely fit, such as Ride London, Ride Surrey and ‘Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest’ to smaller events such as Dress Down Days and Cake Sales.

* Photo credit © Alan Layton

There has been something for everyone to get involved in and we are proud that our joint efforts have raised over £17,000 since our partnership began.

The LAA helicopter can be seen taking off and landing very to Tysers’ office in the City, which keeps everyone focussed on working to support this great charity.

For those not aware of all the LAA does for London, London’s Air Ambulance is a charity delivering an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London, serving the 10 million people who live, work and travel within the M25.

On average, they treat 5 people over a 24 hour period taking the A&E department to the roadside. Their advanced trauma doctor and paramedic can perform procedures to relieve pain, straighten broken limbs, perform open chest surgery to restart the heart, give blood and deliver emergency anaesthesia at the roadside within minutes of injury.

LAA have just announced a new campaign ‘Help From Above’, aiming to introduce their cause to those who might not have heard of the charity and encouraging them to make a donation. This infograph shows some of the charity’s activities in the last six months and demonstrates the incredible job they do for London so if you would like to know more or to donate visit: www.londonsairambulance.co.uk