London insurance market brokers have long suffered from the high cost and operational inefficiencies of legacy processing systems. Despite vast expense and resource being devoted to this issue, a workable solution has proved elusive – until now.

The breakthrough is ‘The Tyser Way’.

As a market-leading independent broker dedicated to making the best use of technology to enhance operational efficiencies, Tysers has become the first broker to resolve this issue with a unique end-to-end claims processing and management system solution that changes the way all future claims are handled.

“Tysers is the first London market broker to successfully deliver this blend of integration to achieve such a complete paperless solution,” said Chris Elliott, Tysers CEO. “’The Tyser Way’ delivers significant long-term business benefits through improved client service and operational efficiencies, enabling Tysers to double the volume of claims processed and match growth targets, with no increase in costs.”

Underpinned by ACORD-certified technology, the solution was developed after an exhaustive review showed that no single existing system was capable of meeting the company’s requirements. As a result, a bespoke solution was developed that integrated best-of-breed technologies from multiple vendors to deliver:

  • Enhanced claims functionality within the broking system
  • A new cloud-based document management system
  • End-to-end workflow

The system is integrated to the ECF and CLASS processes. Emails and claims documentation are automated, with no re-keying for improved speed and accuracy. The reduction in paper is also aligned to a key Tysers objective to demonstrably reduce its carbon footprint.

Another key benefit, which is aligned to changing working practices and enhancing client service, is the ability for employees to work securely over the internet and on mobile devices at anytime and from any location.

The new system already manages 1,000 new claim movements a month and it has been designed to scale seamlessly with Tysers projected growth over the next five years.

‘The Tyser Way’ will not stop here. It has already been a huge success and the next step is for it to be deployed as the operational blue print that is replicated across all Tysers’ broking divisions in support of placing processes in 2013.