With all the modern day time constraints, it is often easy to overlook the personal interests of clients whatever industry we work in, but it never ceases to amaze me about the number of people who have an interest in historic cars.

Written by Martin Tinsley

I’m lucky enough to indulge one of my passions in my working life. For me the thrill and privilege of insuring some of the most important cars, venues, events and people leads me to strive for the next prize.

A knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, and involvement in it, allows us to take a very basic insurance product and mould it into a solution to address unique requirements.

We have insured cars traversing the world’s most hostile territories in a competitive environment and enabled the purchase of vehicles valued at many millions of pounds, from foreign tax regimes through the provision of highly specialised guarantees. We currently insure individual cars with values approaching £40M some of which are tested on track and we have arranged cover for the circuits themselves.

With global events, our work spans South America, South East Asia, Africa, Japan, Australia, USA, India & Nepal plus several others besides. We provide cover for certain car festivals, which include an element of Vintage Aviation exposure, as well as Marine Transit insurance for complete aircraft loads or ships full of rally-going cars.

We also look after some of the most significant motor museums which have some jewels in their collections most notably, the Brooklands Napier Railton(circuit speed record holder) and the very first Jaguar E Type. These cars attract high profile attention so we are required to insure them when they contain royalty and other dignitaries. Add to this protection for Auction Houses against claims arising from wrongful advice or valuation and we pretty much cover the whole gamut.

Few people realise that if a £1M Vintage Bentley entering certain foreign countries fails to leave those countries, the cost to the owner could be four times the value of the car to be paid in import duties. Their Carnet simply guarantees the payment.

Perhaps the most renowned and punishing rally is the Peking-Paris organised by our clients, The Endurance Rally Association. Typically cars from the early 1900’s will drive through China, Mongolia and Southern Russia before entering Europe. Weather and road conditions can be harsh, which normally contribute to a number of retirements (and claims!). Each Rally Organiser puts a particular twist on their event, be it modern or historic.

Enthusiasts still have a desire to collect, display and compete in their vehicles all around the globe and in our small way, we help to make all this happen, bringing joy to the many spectators who flock to see them.

Image provided with kind permission from Brooklands Museum Trust, – LuminautsVFX.com and photographer Peter Collins. Brooklands Museum is raising funds to support the Re-Engineering of the iconic Brooklands site. Please visit www.brooklandsmuseum.com for more information.