We take great pride in the levels of service provided to our clients and also the speed of response. Our claims service is truly available on a 24/7/365 basis.

Working closely with the placing team, our integrated practice allows our claims team to get to know our clients before a casualty occurs. We do this by visiting our clients on a regular basis, to better understand their requirements. We make it our practice to put in place clearly defined Claims Procedures in the event of a loss so it is clear to everyone involved what is expected of them.

Unlike many other brokers, where claims are farmed out to provincial/overseas offices or even outsourced, claims are handled within our London office, providing ready access to insurers and placing divisions.

Due to the immense variety of claims received from clients around the world, the team has dedicated marine, aviation and non-marine claims specialists who are experienced in their fields.

To assist with a smooth claims handling process:

  • Claims are central to the product that we offer
  • Senior management involvement throughout the claims process
  • Claims are handled internally, our claims functions are not outsourced to third party service teams
  • Claims and placing teams are located in the same office, on the same floor and work hand-in-hand
  • Investment in claims processing technologies