Tysers’ Claims specialists work on the principle of providing the best possible service for all clients.

Unlike many other brokers, where claims are farmed out to provincial / overseas offices or even outsourced, all claims are handled within Tysers’ London office providing ready access to London market underwriters and constant liaison with the placing divisions.

Due to the immense variety of claims received from Tysers’ clients around the world, the team has dedicated Marine, Aviation & Non-Marine claims specialists who are experts in their fields.

The Claims Teams work very closely with Tysers’ Account Executives with all aspects of the loss to ensure the negotiation of a successful conclusion of the claim as efficiently as possible, anticipating issues and dealing with them before they cause a hold up along the route.

To ensure our clients enjoy a smooth handling of claims:

  • Claims are central to the product that we offer
  • Senior management involvement at all times throughout the claims process
  • All claims are handled internally
  • We continue to invest in claims processing technologies