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Whilst summer holidays and vacations will look a little different this year, it’s always worth ensuring your properties are protected against would-be-thieves. During the warmer months household burglaries increase, so whether or not your vacation becomes a stay-cation, this guide can help you safeguard your home this summer.

Securing entry points

In almost 20% of all household burglaries, the entry point is via an unsecured door or window. Even the most basic security measures will help to deter burglars.

  • Windows should be secured by key operated locks.
  • Door locks should meet BS3621 security standard.
  • Consider security lighting that will illuminate anyone coming close to your property.
  • Alarms really do make burglars think twice.
  • Register your valuables on This free online database enables you to record the serial numbers and descriptions of your valuables. It helps the police to identify any recovered property and return it to you.

Don’t advertise your house is empty

  • Don’t put your holiday plans on Facebook and Twitter or announce that you are away on answer machine messages.
  • Cancel milk and paper deliveries – don’t let post pile up – consider using the Royal Mail Keepsafe service.
  • Don’t leave curtains drawn – instead move valuables out of easy sight of windows.
  • Create the impression you’re at home with security timer switches which turn on lights and radios automatically.

Don’t forget the shed

The value of property kept in sheds and outbuildings is ever increasing. The content also provides would-be burglars with all sorts of tools that can help them gain entry to the main property and the means for a quick getaway. Keep these buildings secure by:

  • Concentrating on external entry points – consider using deadlocks and a locking bar with close shackle padlock on sheds and garage doors.
  • Fit grilles or bars to windows and consider painting or covering windows to hide any attractive equipment or furniture from view.
  • Securing tools and ladders so that they cannot be used to break into the main property.
  • Paying special attention to high value mobile items – if you’re leaving your car, take the keys on holiday with you or leave them with a trusted neighbour.
  • Keep bikes covered so they are not visible from windows. See the full set of tips for more advice on bike security.

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