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The Tysers team has the ability to analyse, structure, negotiate and execute insurance solutions to structured transactions across multiple asset classes.

We specifically focus on finding solutions to de-risk structured/complex credit deals for our clients. This has been predominantly in the fund space where insurance serves to provide downside risk mitigation to investors in the event of default by the Issuer. We are at the forefront of developing this capability in the credit insurance market.

Using both analytical and structuring capabilities, our insurance solutions can be provided as equity, mezzanine, senior, full or proportional protection to investors, or as simple pari passu vertical tranches. The transactional focus is on portfolios of debt obligations with contractually due and predictable cash flows, secured against underlying assets. These are the fundamental building blocks of the transactions however our team is sector agnostic and will look at transactions on their merits rather than needing them to fit a predefined template. The ability to find innovative solutions to a client’s problems is prized.

Additional services

Through our contacts on the investment/advisory side, we can also provide introductions/access to parties with the ability to structure the key components of a deal outside of the insurance e.g. SPV’s, listing notes, loan documentation, access to and negotiation with investors etc.