Tysers P&I Report 2022 – Birds Of A Feather

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Tysers P&I Report.

Just as the impact of Covid is subsiding we are faced with the fresh storms of the distressing crisis in Ukraine, sanctions, inflation and the rapid rise in energy prices and the cost of living, all of which are directly affecting the shipping and insurance industries. In addition, the maritime industry is rightly changing and transitioning to a greener one, and climate change and decarbonisation are triggering important policy changes that will result in a complex and challenging regulatory framework in the forthcoming years.

Whilst some of these storms may be creating opportunities for a few shipping companies, and a market situation that is more receptive to our long recommended consolidation within the P&I clubs, there is still much to keep those in the industry flapping – hence our “Birds” theme for this report.

We hope that you will find this bird’s eye view of the P&I market gives you a clear perspective.

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