Tysers Insurance Brokers | Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Defining the way we work

The service we provide to clients and our relationships with the market.

Our strategic approach defines the way we work:

  • With our clients
  • With our markets
  • To achieve our long terms goals

Client Service

Each client is assigned a Director to consult, understand and look after their individual needs.

The Director provides a single point of contact, liaising with internal teams to draw our specialists together from the many areas of risk expertise, assembling and utilising the best support resource.

We provide tailored risk management solutions using three simple steps:

  • Identification


    We work closely with clients, to discern and define their specific requirements, detailing risk exposures and gauging their appetite for risk mitigation.

  • Innovation


    We liaise internally with our specialist experts, and externally with insurer partners and risk management consultants, putting together the required solutions to manage, mitigate or transfer risks; negotiating best value at each stage of the process.

  • Implementation


    Our team then implements the proposed programme, consulting continually with clients to monitor and adjust levels of cover as additional exposures emerge.

The methodology we apply to client relationships is underpinned by our six core values. Click here to view our values.


Our Approach to Markets

As a registered Lloyd’s of London broker we have direct access to leading underwriting expertise in the World’s largest specialist market.
Our brokers work in Lloyd’s, visiting daily to skillfully negotiate with syndicates the most favourable terms and devise bespoke covers for our clients. Having been part of the Lloyd’s market for 200 years our reputation for integrity has resulted in strong and enduring personal relationships, built on trust and mutual respect.

We also have enduring relationships with the World’s most recognised, leading insurance brands. We have specialists schemes and access to open market products and services.

We are also members of two leading brokers alliances, offering further benefits to our clients.

unisonsteadfast is one of the world’s largest independent brokerage networks. Providing:

  • Access to global insurance markets under consideration of local cultural or legal particularities
  • Access to selected international specialists for every business and industry

Our Retail Business are members of the UNA Alliance. Working together with a network of other specialist brokers we can achieve preferential rates by negotiating national deals with insurer partners.

Achieving Our Long Terms Goals

Our business has three strategic pillars, providing clear direction, focusing our activity to ensure together we achieve our long-term goals.