Safeguarding Students

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If a student experiences assault of a physical, emotional or sexual nature whilst in your care you will, no doubt, have a process in place to support your student’s wellbeing.

However , you may be exposed to a claim from the student’s parent/guardian for failure to safeguard.

Providing a safe environment for your students to study in is an important duty. If you fail to fulfil your responsibility for safeguarding , you may expose your organisation and yourself to significant liability. Legal cases demonstrate it is essential for every educational establishment to ensure they are adequately protected.

Check your school’s Public Liability insurance policy:

  • Is cover for abuse excluded from your Public Liability insurance?
  • Is cover for abuse restricted with a reduced limit?

Insurance policies vary considerably; some insurers will exclude cover or apply a lower limit which is far less than the standard Public Liability limit of indemnity.

Here at Tysers we have worked closely with insurers to develop insurance policies that are tailored to meet client’s needs.

Our bespoke comprehensive Language Schools Scheme does not exclude, or limit cover and the benefits include:

  • Up to £10m Public Liability cover
  • Cover whilst students stay with a host family
  • Liability cover which extends to all organised activities
  • Access to Tysers Risk Services
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • The support of our in-house claims team

Insurance does not prevent abuse, but it will provide protection in the event of a claim.

To learn more about the covered offered by our specialist scheme for English Language Schools please get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to help.

For further guidance and training on safeguarding visit the British Council or English UK.

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