Tysers Insurance Brokers | Crisis management and Political Violence – Cancellation and Non-Appearance

Crisis management Insurance


Terrorism is a complex topic which our team continually assesses. 

Working with underwriters, we aim to design the most appropriate crisis management insurance policies protecting events and their attendees from an ever evolving threat.

Our terrorism team is made up of genuine experts having created a unique and market leading policy specially designed for the Entertainment and Sports industries.  The wording has been developed and enhanced over the years adapting to the changing world of Terrorism and Political Violence.

We can provide tailored policies for events to ensure that fees, expenses, sponsorships are all protected from acts or threats and even fear of terrorism.

Here is an overview of what we can cover:

  • Acts, threat and fear of Terrorism, including the brandishing or use of deadly weapons
  • Sabotage
  • Civil commotion, war and coup d’etat
  • Confiscation and expropriation of equipment or venue
  • Third party sanctions leading to contract frustration