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credit & political risk Insurance


Credit and political risk insurance products can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the client, be it a corporation looking to mitigate country-risk related to an overseas investment, exporters looking to de-risk overseas contracts, or comprehensive non-payment insurance for lenders.

For financial institutions, comprehensive non-payment insurance provides cover against default by public and private obligors (i.e. governments and corporations). Generally this insurance is provided on a case-by-case basis against specific loans / counterparties, but portfolio solutions are also possible. The motivation for the purchase of this insurance may be risk substitution, balance sheet protection and / or a desire to obtain regulatory capital relief. Such insurance enables lenders to achieve regulatory capital relief under Basel III / CRD IV.

For exporters and traders, Tysers works with our clients to structure products to fit their specific needs, be this non-payment insurance, pre-shipment and bond cover or political risk insurance to protect overseas assets or the risk of contractual breach.

For corporations looking to invest internationally, Tysers can source political risk insurances to protect equity investments and additionally the risks associated with governmental interaction (such as the risks of breach of contract and licence cancellation).