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title & real estate insurance


Title & Real Estate covers both unknown and known risks relating to the legal title to shares, property and other exposures.

  • It typically covers unknown title risks including the sellers’ ownership and capacity to sell shares and real estate, as well specific exposures such as missing title documents, planning/zoning breaches, restitution claims and contractual obligations.   
  • Loss can include payments made to third parties, diminution in value of the asset, legal fees, demolition costs and loss of rental income.
  • Policies can commence when a deal signs and survive the duration of ownership of the real estate or shares, however can often be assigned to future buyers or successors in title.
  • The premium is a one-off cost payable after completion of the transaction and depends on the location of the assets and details of the exposure.
  • Owners, buyers, tenants, lenders and financing institutions can be the policyholder.
  • Quotations can be obtained within 48 hours and policies put in place within 10 days.