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fund liquidation insurance


Fund Liquidation covers a variety of identified or unknown issues surrounding the liquidation of an investment fund.

  • It typically covers warranties or indemnities still open from past divestments, identified or unknown tax exposures and/or contingent liabilities to accelerate the wind-up.
  • Insurance allows the fund to liquidate and return proceeds to investors without holding monies back, in escrow, on the Group balance sheet or using any clawback provisions.
  • Policy can commence before, during or immediately after the liquidation process and are multiyear in line with any indemnity arrangements with the liquidator or  the exposures being covered; typically up to 7 years.
  • The premium is a one-off cost payable after inception and depends on the details of the exposures (jurisdiction(s), portfolio, etc).
  • Either the fund and/or the liquidator can be the policyholder.
  • Quotations can be obtained within 48 hours and policies put in place within 10 days.