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Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance


Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) covers a breach of warranties or a claim under the tax indemnity in a purchase agreement.

  • It typically covers the full suite of warranties and a general tax indemnity, subject to insurance policy exclusions.
  • W&I Insurance usually has the buyer as the policyholder, however seller policies can also be arranged.
  • Policy can commence when a deal signs and are multiyear in line with the exposures being covered; typically 2-7 years.
  • The premium is a one-off cost payable after completion of the transaction and depends on the deal dynamics
    (industry sector, jurisdiction, etc).
  • Either the buyer or seller can pay for the policy regardless of who is the policyholder.
  • Quotations can be obtained within 48 hours and policies put in place within 10 days.